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Hello, I contacted you recently about a lump on my testicle, and once again would like to thank you for your information and help. I have been poking and prodding at myself so much the past couple of days I have made myself sore. I'm obsessed with trying to find something new about it that makes it less likely to be TC and reassure myself. I have noticed that the lump/bump or whatever you want to call it feels bigger and easier to feel when my testicle is constricted/the skin isn't relaxed. When I start messing with it and the skin relaxes it feels a good bit smaller. Also when I squeeze the testicle it seems to protrude/stick out more. I've tried numerous times to pinch it away from the testicle with no luck. It felt earlier almost like I popped it fiddling with it and hurt for a minute. I've also been trying to push on it with my finger nail to see if it is soft and it feels like it is able to be pushed with my finger nail. I don't know if this is because it is soft/fluid filled or if it's because I'm just pushing it down into the testicle. Does this sound characteristic of a TC tumor?

I should have told you not to do that. There is no point in even looking if you look too much because it WILL get swollen.

Consider that you had an ultrasound and it showed nothing. The ultrasound is almost never wrong about this sort of thing. If it did not see a solid mass, then whatever it is that you are feeling is either not there or is not solid - in either case it is not cancer. I am not saying that you couldn't develop a testicular cancer between then and now, but it certainly doesn't sound like something consistent enough to be cancer.

Testicular cancer would almost surely not change from time to time. It would not move. It is easier to feel when the skin is loose. It could not be squeezed. It certainly cannot be popped. I do not think you have testicular cancer.

If you are still going to see a doctor, dont lead him on and ask if you have cancer. Say you feel a lump and explain your other symptoms. If you say you are worried you have cancer, he will tell you that you do not have cancer and will ignore everything else. Just tell him what you are feeling and let him decide what is or is not wrong.  

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