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For over a few months I have a constant feeling of something irritating or stuck in my either my lower soft palate it upped tonsil area on the left side of my throat. I have tries repeatedly to remove tonsil stones but nothing ever gives me any relief. It's a weird feeling that's very hard I explain. It's not painful just more o an annoyance. I have been to my ent. I have had surgery done on that side of my Jose to fix a deviated septum which he thought would help in may. So far it's the same. I have also had a neck ct from the base of my skull to my clavicle but nothing in the report said anything about the tonsils so I  not sure if it included them. The ct was done bc I had a lump in my neck I felt while swallowing and moving my neck which ended up beig swollen lymph nodes. They removed the ones on the righ side which were 2 cm and they biopsies them. The biopsy was benign an reactive. I am also using Flonase for the constant drainage. I guess wht I am wondering do these symptoms sounds like something serious like tonsil cancer? The feeling is only on the left side not the right? Would a neck ct rule out cancer? What others test should I ask the ent to preform? Also my tonsils are pretty well the same size with no pain or bleeding. I do get tonsil stones but when I remove them I still don't get relief. It's really hard to tell if this feelings is coming from the tonsil or the palate. Thanks.

The CT scans you describe must have included your tonsils - at least in the pictures. CT scans are a kind of X-ray pictures (though more advanced) so they do not provide microscopic histopathologic information (only biopsies etc. do that) which is often necessary for a sure cancer diagnosis. Without an examination it is difficult to have any certain opinion concerning the cause of your symptoms. But cancer is not something that comes directly to my mind when you describe them. Especially since you have been examined by an ear-nose-and-throat surgeon! If your tonsils look OK they probably are too. The only thing I can suggest is that it is never wrong with a second opinion - in this case from another ENT surgeon. Good luck!

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