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QUESTION: Also here is a pic of the lump in my tongue. Other than being a little red where the lump is inside my tongue it looks normal. Since its not cancer what is this lump?



ANSWER: It doesn't look like cancer.  It looks like benign lingual pappilitis, which is something that can be left over after an injury to the tongue, or a cold  sore, or a burn.  I wouldn't worry about it.  

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QUESTION: I looked all these suggestions up on the Internet and the lump is actually a hard lump inside my tongue. It feels like it is more so on the bottom side but its about a inch from the tip in the middle. The only thing apparent thing from the outside is a little bit of redness and the normal looking tissue underneith the tongue. What would present this way inside the tongue opposed to the outside? The ent said that cancer doesn't normally present in the inside but of course I get online and that possibility is there. I know since my biopsy was ok I need to move past this I just can't for some reason. That's thought is in the back of my mind. I don't want a biopsy but I think that would be the only definite answer.

If you don't have a biopsy, there is no way to be 100 percent certain that it isn't a cancer.  however, if it doesn't hurt, and doesn't change, it's almost certainly not a cancer.  It might be an inclusion body, a cyst, papillitis, a local calcification in the tongue muscle -- you can't tell without a biopsy.  But as I said, the probability that it is a cancer is very very low.  

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