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hi sir
im 27 years old man and im in a lot of anxiety about my symptoms

from 1 month and a half I start to feel in my lower lip
right side a feeling like it shrink or pulls down several times a day and in each time it last only 2 to 3 seconds sometimes 1 second
also from a month I feel light headed it is not like I fall down only a light headed in my head
in 12/2010 I got a head ct scan with and without contrast in the
emergency room for also because I was feeling dizzy for months
the ct scan ruled out brain tumor and bleeding
after I got the scan the vertigo disappeared from me
today from a month it comes again
so no need to worry about the light headed right?
im just worry about the feeling in my lower right lip

can that be a brain tumor
im in a lot of anxiety about a brain tumor
4 days ago I was in the emergency room the doctor there checked
my reflexes and my eyes and he said I don't see anything wrong with you and he sent me again to my family doctor for a full blood test b17 blood test and tsh blood test all came back normal
but im in a lot of anxiety about brain tumor to even I cry
does that symptom in my lip brain tumor symptom?

With a negative CT scan, I wouldn't worry about a brain tumor.  Your dizziness and the lip symptom may be signficant, however.  At 27 it's unlikely you have a vascular problem (like a pre-stroke condition) but atypical migraine might be the case.  There are a number of other neurologic conditions, most of which are not really life threatening.  If you feel a little light headed at times, that could be normal (some people have a slow pulse, or have mild dehydration, or are out of shape physically; others get low blood sugars off and on.  A "twitch" in the eyelid or lip, together with periods of mild light headedness, sometimes indicate chronic sleep deficiency  
All in all, I wouldn't worry about a brain tumor, but I would consider stating a program of regular excercise and if you are really overweight or underweight, trying to correct that.  Sometimes symptoms like you have are never figured out; I've got a couple of things that come and go and my doctors haven't been helpful.  If it doesn't hurt, doesn't impair my ability to do things, and serious problems have been ruled out, I can live with it.  

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