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For the past 12 weeks my 8 month old son has had a small (1.1 CM), soft, round, movebale lump on the left side of his Manubrium. He is in excellent health, however has not yet matered sitting up by himsel for crawling. He has only been sick, to my knowledge, once for 4-5 days when he was (3) months old. We have been told by our peditrician that they don't know what the lump is and that it could be a lymph node, cyst, or lipoma. He had a chest x-ray done that was normal and numerous blood work. The only odd thing was that his WBC was 15,800 and he is never sick. He does have excema and allergies, but nothing too serious. The lump does not seem to bother him, however he has been scratching at his neck alot lately. In addtion he has a swollen cervical lymph node on the right side of his neck. It is (1.1 CM) in size. Been present for about 15 weeks. What are the chances that the lumps and WBC are related to cancer??

If the lump is soft, round and movable and not growing, I doubt it is cancer of any sort.  It probably is a lipoma or other developmental abnormality.  The node in the neck may be normal or something else, again, seeing whether it changes or not is the key.  Children often have nodes that enlarge and can be felt.  Finally, the white blood cell count is high, but what is more important is the kinds of white cells.  Children who get mild infections, even of the skin, can have very high white blood cell counts.  So follow the rule that if the child is healthy and active and has a good appetite, and nothing is "growing" or causing pain, it doesn't hurt to watch for a bit.  Hope this helps.  

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