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I'm currently slightly worried about a lump on the side of my right testicle! It is located on the side half way up!I have had three GPs (doctors) look and feel it and they are not worried about it! But as you can imagine I am!!! The lump physically on the testicle and can be palpated quite easily when in the shower, the size of it is around 5mm in diameter and probably 2mm thick from the testicle itself! It is quite hard and noticed it two months ago and I think with slight growth to this date if any?

Could it be a cyst if the albuginea? Calcification? Tumor? Would it not be too small for a tumor? As I said three separate doctors are not concerned or worried about it???  

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ANSWER: Let me see if I understand your description - You say there is a 5mm lump emerging from the side of the testicle. It is firmly attached to the testicle, and not floating around freely inside the scrotum, right?

I am puzzled by the reactions of the doctors. What you are describing sounds exactly like testicular cancer. I recommend that you see a urologist and/or get an ultrasound done of the testicle. If it is cancer, find yourself some new GPs.

Why did they say that they aren't worried? Is it your age? How old are you?


PS Feel free to write me directly if you find that this really is cancer.

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Thanks for the quick response,

Yes correct, it is coming from the surface and us quite hard but the docs said it is 99% to be a cyst? I have had blood test and currently waiting for the ultrasound.

I asked them about how many times they see people with problems like this and they said many many times! And the second doc wasn't even going to send me for an ultrasound but booked me one because I was worried and causing me anxiety! That's how confident they are about it?

The lump itself isn't pea sized or the size of a ball bearing though? And I cannot feel any hardness inside the testicle? The teaticle seems normal in feel apart from this little bump on the side???

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ANSWER: Well, 5mm is not huge, but it isn't small either. It is absolutely not the classic presentation of a cyst.

Again, how old are you? It is relevant.


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I'm 27 years old which is a prime age for this type of cancer I believe as from your story!

How big in actual size was yours? Was the whole testicle hard? What size ball bearing was it as they do vary in sizes?

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Yeah, 27 is definitely an age to be suspicious about testicular lumps. I would point you to some expert doctors in London, but I really only know doctors who would be of use AFTER you were diagnosed. I dont know any good urologists there.

My lump was more than 20 years ago, so my memories are hazy. Nevertheless, I think a BB / Ball Bearing is accurate. My guess is that a ball bearing like that is probably 5-7 mm. No, the whole testicle was not hard, it did not hurt and it was not heavy.

Yeah, they can vary in size, but the lumps typically are not that big. It is more likely for the testicle to feel hard of heavy than to feel a substantial lump.


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