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I have had for about 3-4 years (at least, i'm 32 years old, male) a lump (about 3-4cm long when you see it from above, maybe 1,5 cm the other way), quite soft with quite noticeable edges, not tender. It has not inceeased in size in these years (not in a way that I have noticed anyway, it feels like it has been about the same size since i firsta saw it). If it for example where a Lipocarincoma, should it have changed in this time? Even if tumours can be slow growing?I personally think it's a Lipoma but just wanted a opinion.

If it hasn't changed, or is changing very slowly, it is probably a lipoma.  As you say, something malignant should change more rapidly.  Other characteristics of a lipoma include a relatively soft texture and smooth edges, and not tender, and very slow change.  They can be removed without difficulty.  If I felt something like this on a patient and they told me it had been there for three or four years, I wouldn't bother with it, unless it was causing cosmetic problems.  

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