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Hi Doug - we have found great info on your site.  We would like to know where your surveillance statistics came from please.  My husband is a scientist, and while we like what you say and think it gives us a totally different way to look at treatment, he would like to know where the data came from.  :-)  Thank you in advance.
We are at the beginning of this road.  We are waiting for final pathology, but right now everything is pointing to Stage 1A or 1B, so we are beginning to research surveillance vs. the other less fun options .  The thought that there is a 70% chance he doesn't need treatment makes us really look twice.  
Thanks for your FANTASTIC web site.

For what it is worth, if you are asking questions about the TCRC, and especially if you are going through testicular cancer, I would prefer to communicate directly via email. This site is great for answering questions, but it is not great for ongoing communications.

As for the surveillance statistics... I am not exactly sure if you have something specific in mind, but the basic statistics for stage I nonseminoma have been pretty consistent over the past 20 years. The statistics for seminoma are a little newer, mostly because people weren't recommending surveillance for seminoma because of the perception that radiotherapy was so "easy".

Generally speaking, the nonseminoma stats come from countless papers, but generally stuff coming from Indiana University and / or Craig Nichols and his co-authors (but he moves around). The seminoma stuff traditionally comes from Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto, though many others are also reporting on seminoma surveillance these days.

In the future, just email me at dougbank@alum.mit.edu. I'll be happy to find you specific articles if you want, though you might want to wait for all the facts before wading in too deep. Be sure to get copies of all records, and keep track of the tumor markers according to the date when the blood was drawn.


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