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Uterine cancer 4 years ago, appeared to be cured. Now stage 4 mets to lung. Doctors say looks more like a sarcoma than endometrial. Carboplatin shrank it by 25% and pulled away from the wall but was stopped due to severe reaction.  Tried Taxol but after a total of 7 chemo treatments it has grown 20%. Otherwise in excellent health, active life.  Are there other drugs, or combinations that may work as well as carboplatin?

The panorama of chemotherapy is changing all the time. I'm retired but try to keep track of all developments. However here in Sweden gynecological oncology is a specialty of its own. So I may have missed things. Furthermore you are probably closer to new developments in the U.S.A. than I am. So I do suggest that you call the National Cancer Institute in Bethesda Maryland (part of the National Institutes of Health) - it has a home page of its own - and ask them what may be available. I'm sorry I have no more information on the subject of new chemotherapies of uterine sarcomas. But at least I try to direct you in the right direction. Good luck!

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