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My father is 86 years old and suffers from dementia. He recognizes his family members, but is in a state of constant condusion about where he is, what is happening, etc.  His quality of life is very low because of the dementia.  

He was recently hospitalized for pneumonia.  While there, they found kidney trouble, weakened heart with an irregular heart beat, and colon cancer.  After 9 days, he has recovered from the non-cancer issues and is being discharged to a rehabilitation facility today for physical therapy and to rebuild muscle strength.

While in the hospital, he became very depressed, agitated, and desperately wanted to leave.  It was heart breaking to see him like this.  He kept trying to remove tubes and get out of bed, so he had to be watched 24/7.

The oncologist and internist are recommending surgery to remove the 4cm by 3 cm tumor in the colon.  An alternative would be a combination of chemo and radiation.   The mass is not obstructing anything.  The cancer has not spread to other organs or areas.  They completed a colonoscopy, a CT scan, and a biopsy.

Considering his overall condition, my siblings and I are considering whether he should have any cancer treatment at all, because our concern is the treatment may kill him, or make him so miserable it is not worthwhile.  

We asked the doctors what would happen if we chose to NOT treat the cancer, and how long he might live, and what his quality of life would be.  They refused to provide an estimate, and said they would not know until they removed the tumor.  I am wondering if the doctors' response is reasonable?  When I have heard of others diagnosed with cancer, it seems the doctors are usually able to provide a life expectancy estimate.

Thanks for your help...

Hi. Keeping a cancer tumour in anyone's body is not wise. Whatever the age,it should be removed surgically else life will be in danger. Regarding dementia, find out activities which he enjoyed and let someone play those with him. Everyone has some hobbies. He has to be mentally busy for a few hours a day. Read http://alzheimers.org.uk/Caring_for_someone_with_dementia/

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