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A few months ago I went to a gastroenterologist and underwent a colonoscopy and endoscopy to check out some digestive issues I have.
The specialist diagnosed me with IBS and a hiatal hernia.  At the same time, I started a new job.  I associated a lot of my symptoms with stress.
Anyway, I began to have a horrible sore throat to varying degrees every day and noticed bilateral swelling in my neck, slightly behind and below my ear. Sometimes, I can't stop swallowing because I feel like something is stuck or swollen and the top/back of my throat or behind the roof of my mouth. I also have a swollen gland directly behind my right ear and my left tonsil is swollen.  I noticed all of them about three months ago.  The specialist looked at my throat, did a double take, and brushed it off.  I've seen my GP several times and am going back this week.

He thinks I have GERD and/or allergies.  The swelling does not get worse, nor do they go down.  They seem rather hard but my GP says they're not very big.  He put me on antihistamines for awhile.  Then we tried Prilosec.  I do experience classic GERD/LPR symptoms but I'm concerned about the swollen glands and sore throat.  I occasionally have ear pain in both ears, but usually my left.  Sometimes I have bad sinus pressure.  Frequent headaches and every day my neck feels sore and stiff.  It's all a dull, achy pain.  

Should I push my doctor to investigate further or could be it be something that isn't too serious? He's very laid back about it all. My stepfather has lymphoma/leukemia and even though cancer doesn't run in our family, his diagnosis is enough to be more proactive about my own health. I'm 25 and otherwise in fairly good health (not overweight but could afford to be much more active, eat healthy, excellent blood pressure).

Thank you for your time.


If you are not having noticeable fever,  can think for the following. This can be a sign of Infection like Mononucleosis,Ear infections and rerely Toxoplasmosis,Tuberculosis

If the lymph nodes have been swollen for more than 3 weeks, this of cancer too. Please check for other signs here:

Dont worry, you just need a better investigation. The cause must be identified. From the question, I can deduct it is probably not cancer.

Also get a Total Leucocyte count and a Differential Leucocyte count done and let me know. Also you did not give any detail of Sore Throat in the question body. It is only in the subject. If you have sore throat the cause of swollen lymph nodes may be Streptococcus bacteria  

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