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I am working on a project .... im sure you have heard of cold caps (penguin caps) that is designed to help with patients who have gone through chemotherapy to help prevent hair loss but only of the head what my project is, is a cold body so instead of having the cold slowing down the blood vessels on your head people who care about the hair on there legs arms ex will maybe get a chance to keep it what i am testing right now is only the hair on a persons head the cold cap only goes to 37 degrees i am going to make it go to 37 degrees because the cold is better for your hair it traps on the nutrients on the hair when heat opens the vessels letting it soak in or go away i was wondering if you give me suggestions or questions anything that could help me

You have to maintain the cold for about an hour after the chemotherapy is given.  For a cold cap, this is quite uncomfortable, and many women decide they would rather lose their hair than have their scalp subjected to so much cold.  If you tried to do it with the whole body, you might end up lowering the person's temperature so that they would start to shiver.  The skin, after all, is the organ which is responsible for regulating temperature.  I don't think I would want to have my entire skin surface chilled to 37 degrees, or even my scalp, armpits, and groins.  Good luck with your research.  

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