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QUESTION: Hi I have this spot on my foreskin that I would like to have a opinion on. It's painless, seems to be intregated with the skin. I have had it for about two weeks (that I know of). I have had problems with a itchy bum, that maybe was fungual, but it's gone now, healed by itself after using some anti fungual cream. I'm pretty sure it's not an STD since I haven't cheated on my girlfriend and i'm sure she hasn't either. She's pregnant and we haven't ha sex in about a month so probably nothing from her either. I have tried Canesten 1% since last wednesday, but seems to be the same as before, now for 2 days I have mixed with som Hydrocortisone 1%.

Does it look worrying to you? Could it be precancerous?

ANSWER: while it's possible that it is a precancerous lesion, it looks benign to me, and if it isn't raised and doesn't hurt, I think it is probably just a small echymosis.  It may not go away or change, but if it gets larger or it feels like it is raised, you should probably see your doctor.  Even then, it would be more likely not to be cancer.  I don't think it's fungal either, and I probably wouldn't keep putting things on it.  Check it no more often than once every two weeks.  And it's not a bad idea to take pictures.  If it doesn't change over a month or two, I'd stop worrying.  

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QUESTION: Ok, wel I have had it since May 1 I realize now, so almost a month with it being about the same. Now maybe even a bit more faded.

I was very surprised by your answer since a dermatologist looked at it online and said;

No this does not look worrying. It might be a small friction burn as can occur during masturbation or it might be a yeast infection (candidiasis). I would suggest applying 1% Lotrimin cream on the spot for 1-2 weeks and that should resolve matters. If not then two other possibilities - genital psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis, would need to be considered and these are best treated with prescription steroid creams for which you should see your doctor. No not at all precancerous. And neither psoriasis nor seborrheic dermatitis are precancerous.

As an oncologist, I know the characteristics of a cancer, and the lesion you have doesn't seem like a cancer.  Your dermatologist agrees with me.  He raised some other possibilities, and rightly so, that's his field.  If I find a skin lesion on someone and decide it isn't cancer, but still needs to be diagnosed and treated, I would send my patient to a dermatologist.  As for his suggestion, I wouldn't worry about lotrimin cream, but wouldn't use a steroid cream unless it is being supervised.  To be honest, I don't think it's a yeast infection, but would defer to a dermatologist.  I don't think the photo is sufficient to precisely diagnose what it is.  

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