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my pap came back with atypical glandular cells on upper and in cervix. what brought me in to the doctor was three months of no periods with spotting if you even wanna call it that. pain on cervix and i only use the number 2 once a week even though my normal is 3 a wk. most of the time im constipated.no weight problems. they want to run 3 different biopsies and a coloscopy. im 43 yrs old. what are my chances of cancer. ps my ex-boyfriend also gave me oral sex while he was on crack cocaine without my knowledge. can this cause these results

Atypical glandular cells would make a doctor consider more tests, even though the likelihood of cancer is relatively low.  I'm sure he's thinking of papilloma virus infection and some other issues.  At 43 although you are a little young, you might be entering menopause.  As for oral sex causing cancer, not really' but certainly it can be a way to transmit viral infections, and your boyfriend may have had some sort of previous exposure to papilloma virus.  Get the tests and if they don't show cancer, (they probably won't), stick with your doctor's recommendations.  Hope this helps.  

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