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My mother is 71 'and recently diagnosed with an aggressive high grade muscle invasive bladder cancer with possible spots identified on lungs. She has been advised that radical cystectomy is not an option and that radiotherapy treatment will be used. SHe is  in good health with no symptoms other than the initial haematuria, I wanted to ask why she would not be a candidate for a cystectomy and radiotherapy would be chosen instead? Can you also tell me what the prognosis is for this type of cancer, I cannot seem to get a 'straight answer from our oncologist. I appreciate without you knowing her I am expecting a lot but I really need some clarity. Thank you so much for your time!

The prognosis is greatly variable. but on drugs, most patients can survive for 2-10 years if not cured. However, antiangiogenic medicnes and immunomodulators are new promising therapy agents. for more info you can mail me at medlifeasia@gmail.com

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I can answer questions about the correct guideline for treatment of cancers to achieve best results. I can analyze signs and symptoms to identify cancer. I can tell about many good treatment methods recognized by American Cancer Society and NIH which have been developed recently through credible cancer research.


I have been working as a Immuno Oncologist since the last five years. I have experience of treating cancer patients through a variety of methods. My patients have been treated with radiation therapy, chemotherapy and surgery. I am also trained in Antiangiogenic therapy, Immunomodulator therapy and Immunotherapy of cancer which is a FDA recognized treatment method and also a known effective modern therapy as per the guidelines of the American Cancer Society (ww.cancer.org). Immunotherapy works by enhancing the body's own defence mechanism hundreds of times. It is used to treat Hepattis and AIDS too.

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