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I am a 30 year old male.  I am concerned that something is wrong with me in the cancer world.  For the past 3 months or so I have been experiencing headaches above the eye.  Its worth noting I have always had headaches and they have been always above the eyes its just that we had an up tick in frequency.  Last week I started developing twitches across my entire body. They appear on either side of my body at any location. (legs, chest, face, butt, arms, etc...)In conjunction with the twitches I started getting a weird sensation on one side of my face. Its a combination of a numb feeling although I can feel my face and a tingling sensation.  And lastly the weirdest symptom of them all is while I am trying to sleep.  As I am dosing off or at times awaken I get this internal shaking sensation across my body.  Its as if someone is shaking the bed but no one is.  Also these shakes are not visible just felt and have been disrupting my sleep.  I will be visiting a doc but I cant get in for a few days and I am looking for some thoughts in the meantime as I am relly stressing myself out.


You are right in visiting a doctor.  I can't tell you what is behind your symptoms -- it could be a lot of things.  Are you on any medications?  Unusual diets? There are some minor things that might be causing all this.  But it is possible that it's more serious, things ranging from a tumor or abscess to a degenerative brain disease.  If I were examining you, I'd look for signs of an objective neurologic problem -- abnormal reflexes, etc.  I would probably order a CT of the brain or better yet, an MRI, which might help rule out some of the degenerative diseases as well.  I would want to check out your metabolism, measuring thyroid function, electrolytes, calcium, etc.  IT may be that you simply have an atypical migraine which is getting worse.  Or it may be a low grade siezure of some sort.  Don't get too freaked until you have a better idea about what is going on.  Keep me posted.  

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