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paranasal mass
paranasal mass  
Hello dear professor
With respect
I contact you from asia
Please help us about decision

last year my brother refered to a surgeon
with a paranasal mass  in his face.... after 7 month it relapsed and after biopsy,
the pathology result was :

Skin lesion of nose:
Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma     type: Germinal center

(IHC test is positive for CD20- CD10 & Bcl 6 & negative for CD3-EMA-ALK--1 Bcl 2 AND Mum -1 )
Ki -67 is positive in up to 40% of tumor Cells

after this ... his oncologist recomended a pet ct scan

and the pet ct scan result was NED.there is no Evidence of disease. no Adenopathy in neck and brarin and chest,pelvis. abdomen &skeleton

no pathologic FDG avid lesion in nasal area is seen !!!!
focal FDG uptake (SUV max = 1.6) in left posterolateral cutaneus tissue of gluteal region is noted. clinical correlation is recommended. (that was an acne improved day by day....)

his CBC and LDH AND microglobulin is normal, he didnot experience fever . loss weigh. loss appetite and every thing is ok

forgive me.... but may i ask you about your opinion in this case?
his oncologist believe in radiotherapy (40 GY for 20 days)
and no chemotherapy
is radiotherapy enough?
thats very kind of you dear Proffesor
doctor peyman rezaei

Since PET scan shows no spread of cancer to other areas, radiotherapy is enough. Bit to prevent spread and to destroy metastatic micro focal areas not seen in PET, antiangiogenic therapy and immunomodulator therapy are reccomended. Contact me on for further guidance if you want.

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