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Whether Euphorbia plants cause cancer ? In our city some people are spreading this news and many are distroying euphorbia plans from their garden. Please give me the clarification

I am going to try to answer this question, but I AM NOT AN EXPERT. I only know what I found on the internet myself.

There are 2100 different species of euphorbia. I have no idea what is growing in your garden or your city. Given that you are in India, it is unlikely that the euphorbia you have is the same as the one in Africa that may indeed increase the risk of cancer.

Euphorbia tirucalli (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Euphorbia_tirucalli) has been associated with cancer. I would not grow this one. All Euphorbias may be poisonous and the sap should not be touched. Most, though, are basically harmless and can be very pretty.

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