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I would like to thank you in advance for your help and advice you may have to offer.

My husband has a tattoo on his arm and about 3 or so months ago a bump-(the best way to describe the shape/size of bump is what reminds me of like a mike and Ike piece of candy) has appeared under the skin and location of the tattoo. The tattoo is well over 10 years old. He noticed it but it didn't bother him at first, he know says if he bumps into anything or gently touches it , it feels like a razor going across his arm. What became more alarming was he said it started to bleed, not gush, but gently ooze some blood the other day. He has no health insurance hence my question for you and research. Not sure what it could be and why it's so painful etc. I hope the question makes sense or maybe you can help lead me in the right direction with questions to ask him etc., thanks again for your time.

Ideally the lump should be cut out (excised) and examined.  That would solve the problem and at the same time give answers to the question about what it is.  It could be a tumor, and pain and bleeding make me worry about that.  But also it could be an inclusion body  which is a reaction to something "foreign", although if the tatoo was placed many years ago this would be less likely.  Sometimes people can develop "ingrown hairs" that are really inclusion bodies.  They aren't dangerous but they can be painful and occassionally bleed.  Finally it could be an infection of some sort (sebacious cyst) although this would be an unusual place for one to arise.  I'm sorry about the health insurance issue, but now that we have "Obamacare" he should be able to qualify for health insurance with a significant subsidy if your income is below a certain level.  There are also free clinics and you might look in to whether the University of Nevada School of Medicine runs one.  Please get this looked at soon.  

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