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Belly button one
Belly button one  

Abdomen one
Abdomen one  
I'm a 15 year old male and I have two red mole things. One is in my belly button and it is newer and the other is on my abdomen. The one in my belly button is raised, kinda like a bubble, while the other one is flat, I've had the flat one for a while. They are bothe very small, not perfectly round, don't hurt. I don't think they are moles. I do have a lot of actual moles though. Is this skin cancer? Btw I am not exposed to a lot of sun as I Live in a state that doesn't get too much.


I am not a doctor and this is outside my area of expertise, HOWEVER, since I've got plenty of these, I know what they are and you really dont have anything to worry about. They are called cherry angiomas. They are kind of like raised blood vessels. It is possible it comes from a minor injury, as I remember getting one on my hand when I was a kid after getting scratched by a cat. Mostly, though, they just naturally arise as you get older. You are a little young for them, but it happens. I wouldn't worry too much about it, but the next time you see your doctor, ask them to take a look. If they ever change, definitely see the doctor.

To learn more, follow this link: http://www.healthline.com/health/cherry-angioma#Overview1


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