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A lot of people go into nsinrug after they have had a health crisis, themselves.  I think it makes them more compassionate, and understand for what the patient is experiencing.  I think you will be a fine nurse, and I wish you the best of luck.

I understand and it is indeed a very nice thought however I feel that nursing requires professional training which I do not have. I have been counselling and motivating people for the same and even provide guidance to them for the medical issues.

I will think about your suggestion and may like to get the training some day for nursing and then eventually become one


Oncology (General Cancer)

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Sidharth Ghosh


I can motivate and inspire the cancer patients and their family members not to give up the fight and even provide them guidance and references of the doctors and medication depending on the type of cancer and area they are located


I am a cancer survivor myself and work with many NGO's in the area of spreading cancer awareness and motivating people. I am a marathon runner by passion and was diagnosed with cancer in the kidney for which I went through a life saving surgery and have been running marathons even after the treatment I also run a blog http://youcanfightcancer.wordpress.com where people from more than 25 countries are associated

I am a IT professional working for an MNC as a Project Manager.

http://blog.credihealth.com/sidharth-ghosh-credihero/ http://digtoknow.com/blackhatfight/survivor-stories/sidharth-ghosh-cancer-survivor/

I am a double post graduat; MCA from MDU Rohtak and MBA from FMS University of Delhi.

Awards and Honors
There have been several articles published on me and there are a few motivational videos I have put on the web to motivate people http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gNJ452-DPCw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gi4s-o1yvPk

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