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QUESTION: Where is the best place to get treatment for a low grade radiation induced angiosarcoma and what methods /chemotherapy would be best?

ANSWER: Radiation induced angiosarcomas are generally very resistant to radiation and to chemotherapy.  I would be looking for a skilled sarcoma surgeon.  In New York you've got several options; Sloan-KEttering being one, Roswell Park (in Buffalo) being another.  Obviously the various hospitals associated with medical schools are good places to go.  However, I'd see if I could get a consultation at Sloan Kettering in the Sarcoma Clinic.  Hope this helps.  

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QUESTION: So Sloan Kettering or Roswell (and not Moffit or MD Anderson) are the best for treatment for angiosarcoma in the continental US?  My question is where is the BEST place for treatment for a low grade radiation induced angiosarcoma- in the US?

There is no "best place".  You could go to a "best place" and receive treatment from a bad surgeon (yes, they have them at best places).  Since radiation induced angiosarcomas are very rare, if it were me I'd go to a place with a well-regarded sarcoma program and I mentioned two which are near you.  IF you wanted to expand the field on the east coast, you could consider Mass General in Boston.  What you really want is a very good sarcoma surgeon and they are associated with specialty sarcoma clinics in NCI approved Cancer Centers such as Roswell, Sloan Kettering, Mass General, etc.  Hope this helps.  

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