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Dr. Norquist,

I'm a 49yr Caucasian male; 6', 170 LB non-smoker. I've been complaining for several months of pain "to the touch" of the area just below my sternum/above stomach. Negative chest and sternum X-rays and chest and pelvic CT's w/contrast. Upper GI performed yesterday discovered "the lesser curvature had an external compression into the stomach that was firm" see attached photo.  EUS next to evaluate compression

2 Questions: are we looking for gastric or other cancer and What does an EUS so differently than upper endo?

While they had me on the table we did a colonoscopy screen. 7 polyps ranging from 1-3mm were removed from the ascending, descending and sigmoid. Path report pending.

2 Question: regardless of the path report, finding 7 polyps at my age seemingly indicates I may be more prone to bowel cancer than the average Joe - would you agree? Any significance to their size and being found in 3 locations (ascending, sigmoid, etc).

Thank you for your generous time and gifts. B

We are looking for SOMETHING that hopefully may explain your symptoms but also more urgently your endoscopic (by gastroscopy) finding inside your stomach. The EUS use a gastroscope to get to the location (inside your stomach) but once there it uses ultrasound from inside your stomach to investigate this finding. So it is like using an aktive sonar to investigate the sea bed. I would be even more satisfied if the gastroscope is equipped to take needle biopsies from this your observed lesion. A tumor is of course one obviously possible investigation result but that is at the moment not yet certain there are other possibilities as well. Your polyps are quite small. However your age and the number of your polyps may indicate a pathologically increased tendency of forming colon polyps. So it is probably a wise move to have regularly repeated colonoscopies from now on say once per year. The cancer risks of polyps increases with their size. These are small! But they are many. So keep these investigations going! Good luck!

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