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Hi Dr.

I am asian male, 28years old. Today is March 13th.

About a month ago(early Feb), I started to have a lump feeling/sensation in my throat and a couple of days later , on one night, it became so severe that I had difficulty swallowing, even saliva. However, a couple days later it became better and almost unnoticeable. I thought it was due to anxiety, cause i searched "lump sensation in throat" and I got "Globus Sensation".

However, about 10 days ago. The same lump in throat feeling came back. This time it was milder, no pain, not itchy, but just feeling something stuck in my throat and its moves from day to day. One day it could be slightly to the left, next day could be slightly on the right. I took pictures and saw one or two 3-5mm diameter lump/pus grow on the back of my throat. I immediately went to my primary doctor, who did not take it seriously and said it might be allergy and only saw some redness in my throat and it would clear up on its own.  After It persisted for over a week, I went to an ENT who did a throat culture and said it could be allergy. I took Claritin twice. Today(March 12th) I got a call from ENT doctor saying that my culture primary repot(not complete yet) shows strep throat.(not sure which type). And I started taking Amox just now.

I am worried about it has anything to do with STD because I had a stupid exposure with a SW about 2 months ago(Jan. 7th, unprotected oral and protected vaginal, but I didn't give her oral, I only received oral for 1min or 2, but my lips did touch her lips slightly twice, but definitely no saliva exchange.)  I did
1. urine tests for chlamydia and gono 7 days after the event. (both negative)
2. syphilis rpr tests, one on 4th week, another one on 8th week after the event.(both not reactive)
3. HIV pcr RNA test at 25 days after the event (not detected)
4. did not have any skin condition, such as rash, ulcer, sore, blisters, or canker in the genital/groin area, and checked and confirmed by a dermatologist recently.

So, my questions
1. The only symptom I have is "lump feeling/sensation in throat, not painful but annoying" and recently some dry cough at night and dry throat. Other than that, no pain, no fever, no headache. I wonder besides strep throat, could there be anything else, too? mono; oropharyngeal cancer by HPV, tumor or cancer? I guess because I did not give her oral, it shouldn't be oral gono, right? I remember having cold sore when I was a child (6years old). Could the lump in the back of throat be any kind of herpes? possibly herpes type1.

2. Could the mass/lump in the picture be cyst? or anything cancer-related?

3. If the first outbreak 1month ago was also strep throat and I just started the treatment. Could I possibly get post strep disorders or complications, such as rheumatic fever, kidney inflammation etc. by now or later in the future. Do I need to get my heart and kidney checked out.

I don't disagree with your doctor for treating you for strep throat, but your signs and symptoms are not from strep.  Oral gono is unlikely, but should respond to Amoxicillin.  Painless lumps that come and go in the back of the throat are probably allergic in origin.  If they were cancer they would not "go".  It sounds like it is not related to your sexual encounter.  If it were a cyst, it would not move around.  I doubt you will have long-term complications from "strep".  The symptoms you are describing generally followed Scarlet Fever, which is not your ordinary strep.  I would finish the course of amoxicillin, and if the back of the throat problems persist, the next step would be to do a fine needle aspirate.  This could be done by an ENT doctor.  Hope this helps.  

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