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Oncology (General Cancer)/surgery for teratoma in liver, abdomen, and pelvis


I had cancer of ovary, teratocarcinoma III, in 2001 and, therefore, total oophorohysteroectomia.
Since then I have used the oral contraceptives (now it is Marvelon) for hormone replacement therapy purpose.
From 2002, I have a few more tumors that are considered nonmalignant and which are situated in the liver, abdomen and pelvis. The tumors grow slowly, yet the tumor in the liver is now 5,5 cm (MRI 2014) and causes me pain that has become permanent in 2016 and also the feeling of fullness in the right quadrant of abdomen. However, the oncologists in Iceland refuse to operate me on the ground that these are benign tumors. I am scared if the tumors will become malignant and I am unhappy that they grow anyway and symptomatic. Besides, I cannot stop using hormones, which might provoke the tumors growth. I also have a family history of cancer (my father and aunt died from cancer).
Do you know if there any EU medical standards concerning surgery of benign tumors, especially liver tumors?
What authorities can make the doctors change their decision?
I would like to have the tumors removed. And the University hospital of Zurich offered me an operation, but the Icelandic insurer refused to pay because the doctors don't think that the operation is necessary.

Any type of surgery should be done only if some benefit is expected. So I recommend you take opinion of three oncologists to decide if surgery is needed. I can get this analysis done for you in India. Can you send me last scan report at  I can also guide you how to persue your case with the concerned insurer to get surgery done.

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