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Background info - 28/female; I have asthma and Celiacs; I have had surgery to repair degenerative disc disease. I am healthy, active, and have a fulfilling life.

My question is regarding a lump that you can feel, move, and sometimes see that is inside my right bicep just above my elbow. It causes pain when using my arm (I play baseball and teach so I use it lots), it is not red/swollen/painful to touch. I have had it since December (or that's when I noticed it). Recently, it has started to have achy pains in my armpit to coincide and numbness in my fingers at times. Two weeks ago I overused it, so I went to the emergency room. The nurse gave me a shot of Torodol (which didn't help). The doctor didn't touch it, or examine me, but said it was a swollen lymph node because I had an infected cut on my arm (but I hadn't had any recent cuts, let alone any that had become infected). I questioned this as I had no cuts or wounds anywhere. He said it would go away in a week and just take ibuprofen. Nothing has changed, but the aching pain is becoming much worse. Should I be more concerned? Should I see another doctor? Could this be cancerous? I called a health line and the nurse was concerned about it, but I saw that doctor and he said it was a swollen lymph node.

This needs to be checked by a specialist. Without examination I can not tell you what it is. Let an orthopedic surgeon - best one with tumor experience - check it soonest! Good luck!

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