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Dear Dr. I recently had a sonogram on my ovaries, I had cramping. And due to me being over 50 and in menopause concerns  led to that check and It all looked fine. During the sonogram a mass was found on my liver. I have an appt. To be checked. I'm worried  of course and these are my symptoms. I get heartburn, bloating, tenderness on that right upper rib cage. But I get over bloating by controlling  my diet and I pay attention to my stool and urine color. It can be slightly light on occasion  for 3 days at the most then normal usually after fatty food. Ive taken prescription heartburn meds and over the counter. I had a ganglion cist removed on my left wrist in feb. And a carpal tunnel in may on my right. Im adding that cause ive been seen by those drs I even  had a normal ekg in feb. My dr. Put me on a colesterol med. 6 months ago and at the 3 mo. Blood check february my bad colesterol is way down 117 and my alt is 29 and my ast is 17. Liver numbers have always been in that range. I thought for the past 3 months aching muscles, and all of the above were due  to the cholesterol medication, my sister takes it and agrees muscle soreness in my legs and more tired in the mornings. Just over the last ? 4 months.  But one more thing, I do drink alcohol. About 12 drinks per week. I don't feel sick, I have an appetite. I try to eat well enough and take a multivitamin.
So regarding the mass on my liver. Do you think it is not cirrhosis. What would be chances of cancer.
Thank you

A mass in the liver could be due to many things, including cancer.  The liver can grow benign and malignant "hepatomas" -- tumors that arise from liver tissue.  You can also get a mass of blood vessels -- "hemangioma" or haemartoma".  Amebiasis (a parasite) can cause a liver mass.  And of course metastases from a cancer arising somewhere else can cause this.  The next step is probably to do a percutaneous biopsy of the mass, which is a safe procedure.  If you haven't had a colonoscopy, that's another thing I'd look into, since colon cancer can present as a single mass in the liver.  Keep me posted; but you do need further diagnostic studies.  

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