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First I'm in panic mode right now because I have an anxiety problem....I have medical phobia.  I don't fear death I fear how I'll die.  Death probably would be welcomed.I've seen too much suffering.  so anytime any kind of physical problem comes I go into irrational worry.  First to start this off.  I have no pain no vomiting no diarrhea no fever nothing like that except for my anxieties and panic I feel fine.  I had some sort of stomach thing after eating one day My stomach started to growl, the next morning I barely got out of bed in time and just made it to the bathroom.  I thought stomach bug but I just had the one movement.  no vomiting no diarrhea.  So I thought Ok, don't panic.  I felt a little off, but then it kept on in the morning I kept having these movements that were loose but not really diarrhea.  .. Shortly after I had a UTI the first time for me.  they said I must have had a mild case because it cleared up quickly.  I asked if the  episode I had is what caused it they said maybe bacteria etc. Now it's on and off, one suggestion is an unbalanced gut ecosystem I prefer that.  But some people who love to be morbid, painted terrible scenarios for me.  so I'm in panic.  I'd rather die then go through all that suffering.  I 've seen too much suffering.  That's what exacerbates this problem.. It's better to go then to go through the hell I've seen.  PLEASE don't add to my anxieties, all I need to know it.  Couldn't other things be causing this.  That's all I want to know I can't stand to hear anything else.  I hope you're not going to say go to a doctor.  I just need to know if other things can cause this.  thank you

My general impression from what you are saying is that the cause of your symptoms is nothing serious.  UTI's are almost always due to superficial bladder infections and they sometimes go away by themselves; sometimes they are helped along by drinking cranberry juice.  As for the single episode of GI upset, I suspect that is related to something you ate;  single episodes are usually due to mild food poisoning, especially if not followed by other symptoms like flu.  I think you would be wise to spend some time with a psychologist to deal with your anxieties about health. I've been a cancer specialist all my life and know that somehow people find the strength to deal with almost anything nature can throw at them.  You would definitely feel better and these anxieties can be conquered.  Hope this helps.  

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