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dear friend, I am writting desesperate from Caracas because in a colonoscopy they found 4 sessil polyps. I am 53 years old. 6 years ago another colonoscopy but I was all right. The doctor took one of these four polyps to analize. According with the doctor one of these polps is around 2 cm. To be honest I am terrified....1 year ago anothjer doctor did a rectosigmoidoscopy in stead of colonoscopy..I do not know why....I am obssesive about this problem...all day long thinking about this....too worried...I think what would happen if the doctor does not cut the poly in the right way...etc...etc.etc....
Can you give me your opinion please....

First of all there is no need to panic which I can see from your email. Whenever there is an issue; first thing to do is accept it and then act. From the details you mentioned I do not see any life threatening situation however you can consult another doctor in case you have trust issues with the current one. It is really important to trust your doctor.
Thinking the entire day will not help but acting on it will.
Consult a doctor and everything will be ok. I cannot write much about it with this limited information


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