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Sally Bretton wrote at 2013-01-07 11:11:24
I think you need to firstly make a great website about your company and products. Then you can contact a software company that can make an eCommerce module for you. You should even include making a Mobile Commerce module (through apps or mobile-specific websites).

Promote these well on the web and other platforms. You can even use traditional marketing media for initial promotions, and hopefully your online clothing business idea will grow.

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Questions about using customer data to inmprove online profitability, particularly in retailing. Topics include profiling customers using weblogs, figuring out which ads generate the highest value customers, how to reduce the numnber of 1x buyers, how to generate higher sales from current customers, customer analysis, ROI calculation, reducing discounts while increasing resaponse rates. Do you collect customer data (purchases, page views, surveys) and not really use it for anything? Want to find out how? Just ask.


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