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Is there a way to find out the search history of someone who purchases my online product?
For example let's say my product is called XYZ. How would I know whether someone typed "XYZ" into google? Or perhaps they found related webpages which eventually linked to mine. I was thinking of asking my buyers this question directly, but it occurred to me there might be a simpler method. Thanks.

Digital analytics tools (like Google Analytics, which is free) can provide you much of this information.  If you are tracking purchases you can see how many of the buyers came from "Organic Search" and get some idea of the search phrases used, and "Referral Traffic" can tell you which sites buyers are coming from.

At a higher level, Multi-Channel Funnels and Attribution can give you some idea of the "mix" or "sequence" of marketing efforts that resulted in a sale.  For example, 30% of buyers were first exposed to your bend on social media, then searched, found your site, and purchased.

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