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I am a very lonely wife, in a 5 month old marriage, fighting in all the ways I know to save the marriage. It would be great to chat to other women while my husband is busy with lot of things that excludes me.

Can you please suggest a chat room for me?


Hi Ammu,

Thank you for the message.

The problem with chat rooms - regardless of whether they are perceived to be full of other women is that men will come on there and either pose as women or they will throw the proverbial cat among the pigeons.

Thus the answer to your question is that it is harsh to hear you are in this situation but perhaps you need to rather look at the root of the problem as apposed to trying to treat the symptoms?  More so with the marriage only being 5 months old?

I could offer myself as a 'other woman to chat to' if you so wish?  Perhaps I could then help you kill two birds with one stone?

Let me know? My email address is

Hang in there,

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