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30 July 2015
Hello Mary,

Please can you advise an easy way to download WeChat onto my laptop computer. My Chinese girlfriend will be going to visit her family in Chinafor about 5 weeks and she asked if I could download WeChat to allow us to chat.I have an older laptop that uses XP. Is it best to set WeChat up on Internet Explorer, Chrome or Mozilla Firefox?

In my limited attempts to download WeChat it appears that it requires a platform like Andy Android to allow WeChat to work?
Is the Andy Android application FREE to use?

An alternative application, Blue Stacks has produced a threat which fortunately my AVG virus checker detected. I have decided not to use Blue Stacks.

Just looking for a SAFE, SIMPLE and FREE method to set up WeChat on my laptop computer that works using XP. Please can you help?

Kind regards,

HJi there Brent,

Thank you for the message.

At the end of the day this is more an IT related question than an online chatting question.  However, fortunately I have IT background as well.

Loading anything in terms of 3rd party software onto your laptop puts it at risk of Spyware and Adware, so it is better not to.

Instead of WeChat is there not something else that you could use?  Perhaps Skype as I know that works on both PC and Android formats.

My advice would be to not install WeChat at all and go with something else that has no risks.  Unfortunately AVG is not the best anti-virus program and a lot of viruses slip through.  Mozilla also has the weakest defense system so if you are going to download anything rather use Chrome or Explorer.

So the long and short is rather don't install WeChat on your system through any 3rd party download software.

Let me know if I can assist you in any other way.

Good luck!

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