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QUESTION: Hello. How are you today? I am in the process of starting an Internet Marketing business. I hear a lot of people saying that they make a substantial amount of money (or a decent amount of money) on autopilot. My question to you is, what kind of autopilot software would you recommend for this? Thank you for your time!

ANSWER: Susan,

Well you probably won't like my answer but please hear me out....

Once in a while I get this question and I have to chuckle a bit to myself. I'm not laughing at you but at this crazy notion that one can build their next fortune on auto-pilot.

I think this phrase was coined by the "internet gurus" looking to sell their next great hyped product to all those who have dreams of owning their own business, making a better than livable income and finally telling their Boss to go stick it.

Do you remember reading about the Gold Rush in the late 19th century? Everybody got to the West coast to stake their claim and make their subsequent fortune. Alas, only a few out of the hundreds of thousands ever got rich. But you know who became unbelievably wealthy? Those enterprising entrepreneurs who opened up store fronts or worked out of a wagon and sold shovels, pick axes etc to these ever hopeful souls.

I think Levi Strauss made their fortune there.

This is what the Gurus are doing. If you take a step back and ask yourself why they are sharing this information at such a cheap price point. Why share it at all?

Simple. They are selling tons of these courses, making a ton of money and they are the ones who have figured it out like their predecessors Levi Strauss.

You can make money on the internet. However, it requires a significant amount of work and you continue to work because it is a business. You have customers. You have to deliver the product. You have to hope they don't refund. You have to create a website that delivers the message that gets them to act and click the buy now button. You have to follow up and so on...

However, it requires due diligence and good skeptical eye when you examine these programs who profess auto-pilot riches.

If you're looking for someone to read who might be able to break all this down for you and give you a foundation to start from I would pick up any of Scott Fox's books. You can Google him or go on Amazon and you'll find one of his books.

He's real. He has made money. And it will give you a holistic approach to your education on this fascinating, many times frustrating business of the internet.

There are a few other good leaders in this industry and as you make your way through the confusion you'll inevitably find them.

I wish you luck and hope I wasn't to hard on you.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hi, Nat! Thank you for replying. Well, I was planning on starting with affiliate and article marketing, and I was wondering what would be some useful tools in assisting with those. I know that there is a lot of work involved, and I of course plan to do all that I can to make it successful.

I have no interest in anything that would  create a business for me; I am a "hands-on person," and want to be actively involved. I heard people mention that they do some forms of internet marketing on autopilot, which is why I asked about it. I was interested in some tools that would help further improve the quality of my business, not necessarily do all of the work for me. Thank you for the advice! I appreciate. Clearly, you know what you are talking about.


"I have no interest in anything that would  create a business for me; I am a "hands-on person," and want to be actively involved."

The term business doesn't have to have bad connotations.

A business means you are selling something to someone and collecting money which in turn becomes net profit after you have paid all your expenses. So... like it or not you would be operating a business as far as being an affiliate.

You have to tread carefully when it comes to affiliate marketing. The government has laid down some very strict rules when it comes to disclosure and how you get compensated when you refer or direct a visitor to an offer.

There is plenty of information online about what has to be disclosed

If you collect a fee for affiliate marketing from the person who created the product then you would be considered the "middle man" who has sent the prospect to either their landing page or offer page. You get paid after they buy the product or service. But you probably already know this.

There is also "Pay Per Click" where you get compensated every time someone clicks on the banner ad or something like that.

There is "Pay Per Action" which I referenced above.

The list goes on but let me give you some "tools" that might make your life easier as you begin your affiliate career.

Email Auto Responders - in the most basic sense this allows you to put a link or code on your website where you offer something of value to capture an email address. You set up follow up emails in advance that will be sent out in timed intervals that continue to provide helpful compelling information with a small solicitation at the end for the original offer. If they have bought then you switch them to a new list of buyers and these people get information on a regular basis of other products they might be interested in being careful not to burn out your list with offer after offer and nothing free and of excellent value. The rule of thumb for this type of compelling information is "If you think you've given them too much information and you could have charged them for it, Give more until it hurts. This is the way to build up customer loyalty."

         AWeber - approximately 19 per month. They have great features. You can          really target and segment your lists and run productive A/B tests to see which ad draws a better response.

         Constant Contact - Paid service

         Mail Chimp - Mostly Free

         Infusion Soft - Expensive but worth it if you have really grown your sales and the money is rolling in.


Wordpress - This is my primary platform for developing good looking blogging sites. In a day you can make your way around and gain basic proficiency. Plenty of information online about the setup of these sites.

Blogger - Well it's owned by Google so that might help it rank if you have decent content and social relevance.

Google's keyword tool - free and very helpful in choosing keywords, buying keywords, and long tail keywords.

Google's Insight Tool - Helps track trends.

In conclusion, build a good foundation and your affiliate business might generate enough income to pay some bills etc.

I still suggest getting one of Scott Fox's books. He's done it and his website is filled with free information.  

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