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QUESTION: Good day
With reference to a Word Press Blog I am trying to create I have the following questions:
1. On my home page that is the page that was automatically created with the home button in the header bar, I cant seem to figure out how to add information to the page. There is no edit button, like on the other pages I created such as contact, about us etc....
2. Also how do i delete the search bars from the home page? There are two search bars which I want to remove?
3. If I want to create a private blog that is not searchable or found on the internet and is only available to people I want to share it with, how do i do this and what are my options. If there is a way to set a login id for people I want to share it with (but do not want them to have access to edit my blog or make changes) how do I do this?


ANSWER: 1. By default the home page is where your blog posts will show up - you can go to Dashboard>Reading and change to a static homepage and then assign (or create) a page to be your home page
2. The search bars are can be removed by going to Appearance>Widgets and then deleting the search widget - any other search bars are theme dependent and you would need to do a Google search for your theme on how to remove it
3. User levels are built into WordPress or you can incorporate a membership theme like WP member to give even greater control over user levels.  You can make any post private by simply selecting private from the visibility option when creating the page or post.  If you want to assign privacy levels or other things like that again you would want to incorporate a membership plugin

Good Luck

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Good day
Thanks for the answers. #1 and #2 worked. As for #3 I wanted to keep the blog private so that it is not searchable on the internet. The blog is a portfolio of writings, advertisements and my resumes. It is to send to employers in my job search. I wanted to find out if I wanted to keep it private (not searchable on the internet) and I wanted to be able to give employers permission to view the blog what are my options. I know you mentioned membership but I am not interested in having members. It is really meant to give a potential human resource / recruiter a view of my work for the purposes of employment. What other alternatives exist besides membership.

ANSWER: You can make any page or post private.  Just simply click the edit link next to visibility on any page or post and make it password protected.  Then the reader will have to have the password to see it and no bots will follow it.  This password is cookie incorporated so it will last for 10-30 days without needing to be entered again.  You can use the same password for all, but they will have to log into each page or post to see them.
That is the easiest way.  There are some user access plugins where you could create a single user and assign anything you want private to this user; then just share the user info, but I dont know that you really need to go to this level if all you want is for someone to be given the password to the page or post before they can see it

Hope that helps!

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QUESTION: Thanks for the answer. Yes the password seems to be the best method. However is there a way to password protect the enter blog so that the user does not have to enter it for each page. The blog has dozens of pages and post.
Is there a way to have a password for the entire blog? How can I password protect the entire blog so that the user does not have to enter the password for each page or post.

To do the entire site under one password is a bit trickier.  Probably the easiest possible answer I could give you to use would be to install this plugin in -
This will allow you to make certain pages only accessible to certain user levels.
Then you will need to create one user Dashboard>Users.
You need to identify in the setting for User Access this new user has access to the "private" content.
Then what you will have is a new drop down every time you are creating a post which will allow you to assign that page to be controlled by the user access (this will make it private)
The world will see a page that says the page is for user only and give them a log in.  Once logged in it will show the content

Not as simple, but the most simplified plugin option I know of to help you do what you want.
Hope that helps!

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