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This is vandan pathak from india. Me and my brother running web development business in Gujarat, India. But we doesn't get any local client for web development or application development. What we are doing is try to contact the local web development companies & tell them that if they are outsourcing their project then they can outsource to our company but we didn't get any projects from this strategy then we are starting to bid on freelancing websites like , & then also we didn't get any projects. we have a website that is Our company profile on freelancing website is properly set.Now how can we get more clients. We need international as well as local clients so we need some extra ordinary marketing tips.
Till we have no office & we operate our business from the home.
from the last tow years we have completed only 15 projects which include our friends college projects as well as some local clients. Now we need some international clients.

Hi Vandan,

The best thing you guys can do is to demonstrate your competency. There are a gazilion other India web development companies, and if you add the companies from the Phillipines, Costa Rica, China, Japan, US etc. then you're just one small pee in the pot.

You need to show without a doubt that you can match the skills needed to complete a certain project. This can mean taking on bigger projects for less money and work hard on them. But since you have trouble even getting the offers, then just offering a lower price won't help.

If you bid too low on a project, you're most likely to scare somebody off if they're looking for quality.

A great way to showcase that you're great developers is by developing your own websites and tools. This of course starts with your own website that needs to be top notch coded. The design is of course important too, but the real importance come from the coding experience behind the website when this is what you do.

I hope this starts some thoughts for you guys,

Best regards,

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