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This is vandan pathak from india. Me and my brother running web development business in Gujarat, India. But we doesn't get any local client for web development or application development. What we are doing is try to contact the local web development companies & tell them that if they are outsourcing their project then they can outsource to our company but we didn't get any projects from this strategy then we are starting to bid on freelancing websites like , & then also we didn't get any projects. we have a website that is Our company profile on freelancing website is properly set.Now how can we get more clients. We need international as well as local clients so we need some extra ordinary marketing tips.
Till we have no office & we operate our business from the home.
from the last tow years we have completed only 15 projects which include our friends college projects as well as some local clients. Now we need some international clients.


In order to successfully market anything on the internet you need to be social.  You need an active presence on places like Facebook and Twitter and a plan to grow your number of friends/followers on each.  You all so need active interactivity with your potential customers through a blog.  The blog needs to be hosted, not a free one.  Your blog needs to have relevant content that speaks to the people you want to be your clients.  Everything you do online needs to lead people back to your blog.  Lastly you need to be a participant adding value to the community of people that make up your future clients.  The more focused your intended client base is the easier this is.  You need to go to forums and blogs and add comments and participate in the discussions.  This is not a place to send out spammy sales ads the intent is for you to add value with your statements and to participate in the community.  Your link in your ID and profile will let them know who you are and then when they need your service they will think of you.
Social marketing is about adding value not about spam or cold calling.  These days people define their friends by the people they know in social media and they buy service from these friends

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