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I have a question about the blog on my website----I have written & over & over recycled from every possible angle 4-500 posts on the very narrow niche of my business -to the point where my readers are getting nauseas. This works for me to get organic ranking on google. W/o paying for SEO or doing PPC who else can I bring traffic to my site.


Sorry for not getting back to you sooner.

The trick to traffic is having information people would be willing to share.
It is in that sharing that helps your ranking and as a result more eyeballs or visitors.

Is your information original?

Does it solve any problems?

Is the site easy to navigate?

Does it have a site map?

The easiest way to generate new visitors to your site is to post a link to your FaceBook, Linked In, G Plus accounts. If people think it's good they'll forward the link. You could also tweet the link and hope that tweet gets forwarded.

You could visit forums where people ask questions much like this one and begin providing free information and engaging in a dialogue to help people. Only have you have been on the forum for a bit would you offer to direct them to your site and the additional information.

You could volunteer on this site to help people in your blog's niche and as a result start getting more visitors that way.

Without knowing the URL of your site I'm afraid it's a little tough to provide more detailed information.

I hope this little bit helps.  

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