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Hi---I appreciate the answers that you have given to me recently-thanks.
I have another question that I have been kicking around for a while.

You have seen my site-as you know I am an alternative medical doctor and do all of my consultation or via email. So there fore I have no face to face interactions. I am aware that I need to have a photo on my site---perhaps on the About Page---or where ever. My question is whether there is any issue with me using a 'stock 'photo' on my site vs my own photo. I have several reasons for this one of them being that I am extremely camera shy & very uncomfortable with my photo being 'out there' in this way. 99% of my clients are 'one & done' meaning there is no reason for them to go back & look at my site/photo. The only people who see that is the new people going to the site and they would see whatever photo is there---so I don't see an issue that way. As for where ever else my photo appears is only facebook which I had mentioned once before to you is something I choose to not participate in for personal reasons.
I guess it comes down to any potential ethic issues or any 'practical' issues which I don't see.


This is a very good question and one that creates a number of problems for those trying to make money on the Internet.

While anonymity is an important part of protecting everything about your personal information on the web it is a two edge sword. On the one hand, you keep your private life just that, private. On the other hand, it becomes difficult to ask people to give you money without really knowing if there is a real person behind the information provided.

I think if you use your own photo it adds some credibility to your enterprise.

However, others have done equally as well using a "stock" photo.

The trick to stock photos is to make sure you have rights to that photo. Not just rights to use the photo on a website but rights to use the photo in a commercial venture.

There are plenty of places to buy stock photos you just have to be very, very careful you do not violate copyright laws.

There are law firms that spend every day tracking down photos for clients that have been misappropriated. They send a letter with a cease and desist and request payment in the thousands of dollars for their clients.

Whenever I see an offer to buy a group of photos to use in my business I usually buy them if they have all the rights as described above.

They are usually bundled in packages called "PLR Images" which stands for Private Label Rights.

I never know if I'm going to need an image for a particular offer or a clients web site so to already own the rights to these images it makes my life that much easier and in the end saves me a letter from a law firm.  

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