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I had a website built more than a year ago and wanted your opinion on what I can do to improve it or whether to just get rid of it.

It makes less than $50 a month, with 1,500 UV a month and a bounce rate of 80%+.




In response to your question I would say yes with some caveats.

It looks like you making $50 per month from Adsense or perhaps affiliate links to other sites, correct?

You have a tremendous amount of information on the site. I like the layout and Genesis is a good Wordpress platform so no problems there.

I noticed that the first blog post is a redirection to another site.

Is this the case with all your posts?

Is the purpose of the site to provide news about engineering and in that sense you are aggregating this type of information from all over the net?

I see you have Google analytics set up on your site.

If you run a full report on your site I can analyze the metrics, keywords, visitor traffic etc.

You can save it as a pdf and send it to and I'll review.

Have you posted any original content?

Not sure what 1500 UV means but do know that an 80% bounce rate will really hurt your rankings.

I typed into Google "mechanical engineering jobs" into Google and you're not on the front page but it also returns 40,000,000 results. That is a very, very competitive search term.

From a title standpoint I would change your website title to mechanical engineering jobs with out the .net. It looks like that was filled in automatically when you set up the site.

Did you use Google's keyword tool to see what people might be searching for?

Have you used Google's insight tool to see what might be trending in engineering jobs?

My own theory on the bounce rate is that searchers may be looking for engineering jobs and since you don't provide a list of those jobs or perhaps are not a placement agency they leave.

However, you are also making money from your adsense account so perhaps they are leaving your site to go to one of the ads you have prominently displayed on the left hand side.

So in general terms I like the site but would make a couple of improvements.

- Change the title

- Research with Google's keyword tool to see what people might be typing regarding mechanical engineer jobs.

- Research Google's Insight tool

- I would post original content under your posts rather than simply redirecting to another site unless of course you get paid by those sites.

- If you decide to post original content I would look at titles to posts that correlate to what searchers are looking for.

For example - Why become a Mechanical Engineer
         What kind of education do you need to become a mechanical engineer
         How hard is it to become a mechanical engineer

The posts should be answers to queries the searchers are typing in.

You might also check out forums like Yahoo to see what people are asking about engineer jobs, mechanical engineering etc.

Use these questions as titles to post and do your best to answer them as original content.

I'm not sure why you chose mechanical engineering. Is this your background or after some keyword research you decided it was a profitable niche?

Searchers are quick to leave a site if they sense that the person writing about the subject doesn't have any passion for it or if they are suspicious that it is just another site loaded up with adsense ads.

I might see if there are other domains available that might rank higher and are more pinpoint specific with less competition.

For example -"howtobecomeamechanicalengineer" only has 5,000,000 results so significantly less competition than your current domain name. The dot come is taken but at this writing the dot net is till available."

- "howtobecomeamechanicalengineerinuk"
         6,000,000 results
- "howtobecomeamechanicalengineerintheuk"
         5,000,000 results
- "howtobecomeamechanicalengineerinmanchesteruk"
         2,000,000 results

Some of these are still available as dot coms.

Do exact match domains still work?

Well if you provide content related to the domain name then sure. If it's a 2 page site with nothing relevant then no.

The other thing that bothers me, although I don't know if it has any bearing on your search results, is the hyphen in the domain. There has been plenty written about whether this helps or hurts ranking. That's not for today's discussion.

If you don't want to go the exact match domain route then I would also create posts with these type of titles. These long tail keywords may very well gain some traction in the search results and you may see your adsense earnings rise.

Hope this helps a little bit.

Oh, and when you post an original article make sure to share that post on facebook and twitter.

Google places a lot of importance on social media these days and whether anyone thinks what you wrote is worth sharing.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------


I make money from AdSense only.

I didn't actually think I had a great deal of content!

Yes I like the layout and I find Genesis easy to use.

I think any recent post goes to the homepage of the site so that is why there is a link to another site.  Not all the posts are like that, I did it (aggregate) just to provide recent information.

Thanks, I've sent a PDF showing the Google Analytics report.  I've done the month of November is that is more typical, everything dipped over Christmas so hopefully it will pick up.

I've not posted any original content in a long time.

1500 UV is Unique Visitors per month.  I know the bounce rate is really bad.  But I guess this is because people are looking and leaving as they have the information they want, they are clicking on AdSense (not likely) or think the content is useless.

I didn't realise that 'mechanical engineering jobs' was so competitive.  

I'll take out the .net.

I think I have used both the Google keyword tool and insight tool in the past but not a lot so I'll look at them again.

I've outsourced most of the content previously so I could do that again.  And I'll look through forums like Yahoo.

I'm not a mechanical engineer it was a niche that was picked by somebody else for me and I kept it because I am interested in it but am no expert.

I'll change the domain name to something more suitable.  I have done some research and found the following two domains.

steps to become a mechanical engineer .com
7,070,000 searches on Google


become a mechanical engineer .com
20,200,000 searches on Google

These don't have any hyphens either.

I've never used Facebook or Twitter but I could start!

What do you think?  I think it is my lack of expertise that is causing the most problem.

Thanks very much for your help.



I think we've answered some of these questions in our private follow up.

Taking a look at your Analytics reports and will get back to you.

One thing you might consider is putting together a free report maybe about 10 pages that covers important questions people might have regarding mechanical engineering degrees.

Have them opt in to get the report by providing an optin form on your site that requires their e-mail address. This way if you have more information to share with them you can send it out to the list who requested the free report originally.

Every 5th e-mail send some sort of offer which they can click on and you can get paid.  

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