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QUESTION: My question regards 'optimization'  I hear about it but don't know what it means. I have a wordpress based blog. I completely depend upon it for leads as it is the only type of seo I do & this gives me almost as much business as I need. I do want to squeeze out EVERY possible benefit I can from it.
Is optimization something I can/need to do to maximize my blog & if so what is it? What can I do---actually not me but someone who I may hire. To optimize or not to optimize.

ANSWER: Well lets start of with an explanation that makes sense to you.  Search Engine Optimization just means that the information on your website is set up so that the search engines know what your site is about and has the relevant (or worthwhile) content that matches what you say your site is going to be about.
So you have a domain name which may say something about what your site is about.  In the code that the search engines can see before they get to the content of your site there can be a title for your site.  A title is 70 characters that briefly describe what your site is about.  A title is the equivalent to a headline in a new article - tells you what it is going to be about.  Next you have a description which is 150 characters that tells more specific detail as to what the site is about. So if you think about when you do a search on Google there is the bold title line and then the words below that tells you more about it. In addition to this you also give the search engines specific keywords you list as being the search words that are most likely for people who want to find you to be searching.  
From there search engines look at the content that is on your site and compares it with this data to determine if your site really has content in it that you say it does.
Lastly the search engines look at what other sites link to you and what they say about you.  How does the content of the sites that link to you relate to the things your content is suppose to be about?  They also look at what these sites say about you and how that relates to what you have listed your site as and what your content contains.
Ok so all of this comes together for search engines to decide when someone searches on for a something which site has the most relevant content to the information the searcher is looking for.
You have already made a great 1st step by using WordPress because the search engines love the format of WordPress.  From there you can add additional plugins that will improve your content and background content so that the search engines have the best information to work from to know how to list you and when to present you to people who are searching.
You want to do a couple of things to optimize the best.  (In a perfect world you want to find someone who can do all of these for you)
1. Make sure you have the best plugins to make the best use of the content you have in WordPress and so that when you do pages and post you can put descriptive and keyword information so that the search engines know as specifically as possible what that page/post is about
2. Make sure your site in general has a title, description and keywords that all match and promote the content of your site in the way you want it to be
3. Make sure that each of the pages and posts have title, description, and keyword info

Hopefully that makes SEO a bit clearer for you and gives you a good idea of where to start.
Let me know if there is anything else I can do to help.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks for the detailed response. That is a lot to digest--now I have something to approach someone I may hire for this. Are these things generally each  big project & may be costly to do?

Does all of what you are saying here relate equally to the blog---as being part of the website?

Is the url- name important re-seo?
When you say 'title' -'description' -'keywords' are these things that are actually seen on the page or just in code?
'Posts"-you mean the top of the page---above the body of text in the blog post?

All of these items can easily be part of one project.  They are not overly expensive BUT you definitely get what you pay for.  Whereas my wife and I would charge more than others do for this it is because we have been doing SEO for 15 to 16 years each and specific SEO for WordPress for almost a decade.  You can find people on fiverr that will probably do this for you, but I have no idea what level of experience or ability they would have.  You should pick someone who has experience with doing SEO for WordPress and who knows and can tell you which plugins to use for this as well as why.

All of these items are not equal. CONTENT is far and away #1 - Google, being about 80% of all web searches wants first and foremost for the content on your site to be relevant to the search.  

Name/URL can help, but is a the smallest of all things you can do with SEO.  The only time to worry about the name with regard to SEO is if you dont already have a site going.  

title, description, keywords are what is know as meta tags.  They are not seen when you are looking at a site, they are items that are in the code of the page above the code that creates the actual page.

A WordPress site is made up of pages and posts.  A page is a separate new page on the site and is typically what makes up the navigation.  things like about is or contact us are some of the things you think of when you think pages - basically the things you want to make up your navigation.  Post are all part of your "blog page.  When you make a new post it does create its own page you want to be able to navigate to it adds to the top of the blog with all the other blog posts you have done prior to that.
Does that make sense?  

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