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I work with a company that  helps  others who are struggling in  getting  leads or traffic. We have solutions that can make their company grow faster. The problem is, some marketers are to afraid to reach their hands out because of fear to take one last  try .  Is there a  great website that has hungry marketers that are in need for help.  Who wants to make more income?  I really need  some websites that has those promoters or marketers who are desperately in need  for help!


Trust is something that must be earned so it can take time for people to trust marketers for fear of being taken advantage of. Its far better to grow an email list and prove yourself over time and build that trust factor.   Feel free to start with a trial at: Or jump in for the 15.00 a month to add your lists and I will help you with your first email newsletter.  Any questions LMK
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Danna Crawford


I can answer questions about online marketing using: email newsletters, twitter, facebook, blogging, pinterest, linkedIN, eBay, foursquare and review sites.


I've learned how to market my business and eBay store over the years by gaining more traffic using simple styles and free tools. I became a local expert with Constant Contact as I grew my network using email marketing and learning how to cross-promote all of the online platforms. I also teach at local workshops in Ocala with the SBDC and online at:

SBDC, Ocala FL Chamber CEP, The Heart of Florida eBay Sellers Group, The eBay sellers of Central Florida

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2008 eBay Hall of Fame Award. 2008 Golden Ribbon award from eBay Giving Works. 2012 WE Magazine's Top 100 Women of Success.

Past/Present Clients , EZGO eBay Store and I can provide more upon request.

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