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QUESTION: Steve---I want to continue our conversation about my website / blog & moving to social media.

As I have stated I am desperate to stop blogging as I have a very large amount of content on my site that has every possible angle/ answer to questions on it-there is no more to say. What I think I hear you saying -correct me if I am wrong----that it is very possible that I could maintain / grow my company effectively via social media w/o creating more / new content. This could decrease my time commitment to promoting my business tremendously. I could make these short-50-100 word blurbs on fb twitter-somewhat provocative and put a link back to the blog post relevant to that.
I think you made some reference to 'advertising' my 'fb page?' to get lots of 'likes'--I may have that wrong.
My concerns are that there may be a lot of 'set up' time / expense to start this & that I will need to do a lot of smoozing and use lot's of 'bells & whistles' -whatever that may be---photos- videos. I don;t want to just replace one set of time & money commitment for the other. If that is not so & if I can see that that it is a 'no brainer' I would jump in immediately.  I do assume that I would need to 'spruce up' my fb page. also---is there a lot of learning I would need to do to know how to strategically & logistically use social media?

ANSWER: Yes you are definitely hearing me correctly.  You can leave your blog as is and just drive traffic to it via FB.
As for set up:  
You will need to register for a FB account (a couple of minutes)
Then you need to create a fb page - to begin with you are going to fill in the basic information about yourself and the work you do.  
You are going to give your fb a name that is either your name or your name and something to do with the work you do
If you like the description of who you are and what you do on your about page of your blog you can literally copy and paste it - other than that it is basically location information though you will need to upload an image of you - dont worry though you can come back and do that later or change it if you want/need to
Then you need to hire someone to make you a FB cover (this is their equivalent of a header image) in that cover you will have a little bit of text (company/your name and an action statement or small mission statement)
That is all the cusomization it takes.  I did my own cover and my wife does fb covers for people (she is a graphic designer) it is not really that expensive (between $97 and $297) the cover will reflect your blog
You will want to post daily or at least 3 or 4 times a week a quick headline on a specific point that is covered on your blog (like I said MAYBE 50 words at most) not the whole article but a small point from it so that way each 1000 word blog post becomes a ton of fb post - you need to keep in mind these are headlines so just like the news comes up with a million ways to say "someone got shot today"  you have a lot of different ways you can tease information that is in a post and then just link to the post for them to get all the info
You want to at least have your 1st post on fb before you start your 1st ad
From there it take about 10-15 minutes to create a like ad campaign on fb.  done correctly you can get a lot of likes fairly quickly - typically you are going to pay around 10 to 50 cent per like so for 1000 you might pay as much as $500 (keep in mind each person that likes you has friend and so they are worth something around 100x that in exposure
after you have a couple of weeks or a month of posts and have built up your likes you can then do an ad for your most popular question post on fb which will link them into your fb page and then drive the traffic to your blog
As I said in this way you will get people who will like what you have to say and some of their friends will as well - if you are friendly, conversational and interesting your page will grow and most importantly your ads, your post and the people liking your posts will all go to telling Google that what is on your blog is what people want to know

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QUESTION: Ok---I am with you all the way----until we get to the 'ads' & to pay for likes? Pay who-& likes from who? Is this pay thing to be ongoing? 'Ad' for popular questions?

Also---could I hire you/wife to do my cover & any other part of that?

Can I automate the parts of the posts from my blog onto fb. Do I get notified if I need to respond to someone?

The easy answer is YES :0
Yes you can hire my wife and I to help you with the cover or any of the rest of it. Yes fb will notify you when you get a response.  Yes you can use a program like hootsuite ( - which is free) to schedule your posts to fb and then they will post at the times you have them set for - in that way you can spend an hour or two and do a week or possibly even the whole months worth of work OR you can just pay my wife and I or someone else to actually make the post to fb for you, or even manage the whole thing
So lets talk about a fb page.  When you sign up for fb you create a personal profile and although you have to have one in order to have an account with them you are not going to use your profile.  After you have an account you are going to create a page on fb.  Whereas with fb profile (well and twitter as well) people friend you or follow you with a page they like the page.  a like is only different from a follow in that you are not saying you know the person like you do when you "friend them" you are just saying you like the content of the page.  So the people following your page are the people who have liked it.
You can have ads on fb (which you pay to fb) for any of these threee things:
People to like your page
Highlighting something you have posted to facebook (an ad for you post)
Or and an for something that is not on fb
In order to have each new post you do have the greatest unpaid impact you want to have a lot of likes because every time you post something people who have liked you page are notified or can come and check.  if they like the post you did it shows up on their information feed that they liked your post.  if they really like it they can share it and the whole post will actually be posted on their account.  so each like you get gives you exponential exposure. So where you may have 1000 likes each of those people may have 100 or even a 1000 friend which give you a total reach to all of them of 100,000 or greater
So the 1st ad you want to pay for on fb is for likes because in the end being on fb only does you good if people know you exist
Then after you have built a base of people who like you page you may keep a small like ad to keep your unpaid(which is called organic) traffic going but you then switch over to paid ads to a post you did on fb that is key to what you do and send that out to people who would be in your demographic

Any or all of this that you want my wife and I can help you with from as simple as the explanations I have give you here to consulting with you while you set it up to design, management of your fb account help or a completely managed fb presence whatever works best for your life and for you budget

Hope that made the fb thing a little more clear for you :)  

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