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I would like to start a business to market local businesses. My initial thought is to target local restaurants.

I am at a loss as to how to do a business plan and a marketing plan. I have a lot of creative promotion ideas and ideas to generate leads. I too like to think out of the box. How many of my ideas should go into a plan?

One idea is for a restaurant to hold a recipe contest, submitted via email (leads/permission marketing). The restaurant picks 5, and cooks that recipe. The cooking process will be recorded and put on the site and YouTube, etc. Maybe invite the public for a tasting. They can vote or not, I'm unsure of which is better. The winner will be invited to come in to to cook the dish. It would be featured on the menu for 1 week.

I'd write a press release, and try to get local TV to do a story. I'd maybe take out an ad in a local small newspaper, and submit a press release.

I don't know what content my site should have to start.

The business is just me. I want to charge way below what other marketers charge. I don't know the going rate for things like SEO, Social Media, and using and monitoring Google Analytics.

And I'm at a loss as to how to start marketing my services.

Thank you for whatever help you can provide.


I apologise for my delay in response.

In regards to a business/marketing plan, there is a lot of information about how to do them. I have therefore included links below to relevant articles and information.\

In regards to your ideas, they are quite good and I find would work well for Restaurant based businesses.

At the present you may want to create a business plan and marketing plan overall and concentrate on doing some freelance work. This is when you will then have experience and examples to provide. This is then when your website would come into play.

To include in your website -  services you provide, experience and examples, history of the business or you as the founder, then service charges.

Id take it step by step and start freelancing to begin with as this will then provide you with experience, contacts and content for your website.

Hopefully this helps!

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