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Can I hire some one on and on same like sites to promote my affiliate link and generate the sales ?
I want to set affiliate marketing on autopilot. I want to sign up with affiliate networks, create my account , get affiliate link and then outsource the remaining task like promoting and generating sales from my affiliate links, to the online marketers at , and other sites like these once.

Is it practical approach and good idea to try out ?

If you mean hire people to promote your affiliate link that you're promoting for someone else, sure, you can always hire people to do that. But I am not sure if that's a good approach. What I would do instead, is create a lot of content for my website, guest post, and promote on social media the product you want to promote. Use your signature line on social media, use your bio on guest blogging posts, and so forth. You can of course hire other people to do the same with your affiliate link but I am not sure it would pay off. What you could do is hire people to write the content, write the guest blog posts, and then post them for you in the places that they find that allows them. So yes, you could hire someone from O'desk that can do that.

If you are talking about your own product and wanting to sell your own products with an army of affiliates then I would work on finding good affiliates to promote the product and they're not on O'desk. Instead, they have their own websites in which they promote products that their audience needs. If your product is one their audience needs, approach them with a sample or ask them to review the product and give it to them free. Most of the time they'll sign up. Again, you'll still need a lot of content so I would hire someone to help with content marketing and content creation.

You can also hire a Virtual Assistant,project manager, and content marketing manager to help you with all of the above so that it does take most of the work off your hands. That person you might find through O'desk, but I would tend to look for project managers, or online marketing managers by finding out who my friends and associates recommend or looking at and finding them and approaching them directly to work for you.

I hope this helps answer your question.


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