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How do I make different background special effects moving images in my rhetoric video like this guys has done at or how do I make a still image appear behind me like I'm there while I'm talking on my video? I know it's possible because I've seen others on youtube do it. Thanks for any knowledge you have that you can share with me about this. I'm interested to know what you have to say.

Take Care

ANSWER: Great question Sterling and good to hear from you again,

If I graded questions I'd give this one a 10 out of 10.

Green screen, my Friend, green screen.

Weathermen have been using this trick for years and now you can too.

Go to Amazon and pick up a green screen. Very inexpensive. They will sell you a screen, clips and even a frame to keep the screen tight.

Set up the screen.

Then position a seat in front to sit on or simply stand (as long as the screen is tall enough.

Set up a tripod in front with your DSLR, video camera, or smart phone.

Shoot the video.

Upload video to your favorite video editor.

Camtasia and Sony movie studio both have a chromakey option.

Match up the green screen color with the chromakey so that you can remove the background making sure to be careful around your image.

You can then add your video background and render the video. You should be left with you talking in front of waves or mount everest or whatever

Techsmith (the makers of camtasia) have a decent tutorial on how to do the above

Hope that helps

All the best


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QUESTION: Thanks for following up with me Nat. When you said Amazon will sell me this green screen with "CLIP" do you mean that will come with a variety of background animations?

I've heard of the green screen before. What is the purpose of this other word I've heard before called "the blue screen"?

Can this be done using "Windows movie Maker" that came with my laptop instead of Camtasia or Sony movie studio?

ANSWER: Green screen and blue screen do the same thing.

The only difference is which color to remove in the chroma key process.

Here are some links that should help you in your endeavors.

First something on Windows Movie Maker.

You're on your own here to get this sorted, haven't messed around with this video editor in years but the Wiki How info might prove to be useful.

A link to Wiki How on Chroma Key editing in Movie Maker
I thought perhaps Camtasia might be useful but they have gotten a bit pricey as an entry level video editor. Ive used it for years but now only pay the upgrade so was unaware the price had risen to almost $300 US. Still a great piece of software which does so much more than just video editing.

Tech Smith - the makers of Camtasia - have very useful training videos and the knowledge gained can be used across most video editors. Here is the one on green screens, chroma key and necessary adjustments to render a successful project.

A link to Camtasia Green Screen Tutorialref="">A link to Camtasia Green Screen Tutorial</a>

You could also pick up Sony Movie Studio Platinum at a discounted price and that's pretty decent bit of software. I own the studio version which gives youb access to some pretty cool audio and special effects features. However, the Platinum version will get you what you need and it's currently selling at a discount.

Movie Studio 13 Platinum Video editing and DVD creation.
NOW ONLY $59.96

A link to Sony Movie Studio Discounted price

If you look at the comparison page you'll see Chroma Key about halfway down on the

A link to Sony Comparison page

The Basic and the Platinum both have this option but the latter offers some extra editing features which are very useful.

DVD production is a great feature of the Suite.

If you've ever tried to render a playable DVD and been frustrated by most attempts then this is perfect for you. You won't be sorry.

More forums are choked with questions from users wondering how to get the DVD they created to play on their DVD player. I'm not talking about playing the DVD on your computer. This usually works after you've produced it. Then you go downstairs and the DVD player says "unrecognized format" or something like that. It can be a lot of trips up and down the stairs for the same result. You think you can figure out all the format issues. You waste an incredible amount of time getting reformatting software. Still, the DVD is unplayable.

This feature of rendering a playable DVD through the use of DVD architect is worth whatever discounted price Sony is charging for the Suite.

It's about enjoying the DVD content on your TV and not wasting days trying to shortcut a audio/visual bachelor of science degree.
This software takes the guess work out and produces a DVD that will play on regular and BlueRay DVD players.

You asked about video to use for the background.

You can use any video you've recorded yourself as background.

The type of video has nothing to do with the chroma key and green screen production.

The same with an image.

You could have your self sitting on your roof discussing matters of great geo political importance while sitting next to your chimney. Provided you have video of the roof and chimney that would work.

If you're looking for different video as a background or perhaps a little more professionally rendered then check out Brian's videos for Green Screen production. I own a bunch and they come in quite handy. Don't know when I'm gonna get out to San Fransisco but I could always record a green screen video of myself and then merge it with the video Brian has produced.

Not very expensive and a very handy arrow to have in your marketing quiver.

Here's the link.

I am not an affiliate (don't get paid) for any of these referral links but provide them for support to your questions.

A link to Bryan Mullenix green screen videos

Hope this helps you and anyone else that comes across this question. 8 years ago I was looking for the same answers but was unable to get the help I needed or the reasonably priced software was not available.

All the best


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks for the info Nat. That link you gave me about  "wiki on how to chroma key editing in movie maker" it said at the bottom that "Things I'll need are" Multiple light sources to illuminate your background. Are they talking about lights I should have on the green screen in front of the camera or behind the green screen and me? What kind of lights should I have to illuminate the green screen background? It also said this tutorial will work with Windows XP and up, but Windows 7 is excluded. Well I have Windows 8.1 now will these instructions still work that this operating system? As of now I don't have any intention of making a rendered playable DVD, but in the future I might want to do that for some kind of business marketing. That site at thelogocreator seems cool. I'm assuming instead of buying this software I could just find all the 1186x667 still images I want with a specific search on and just use Sony movie studio 13 basic software to do it. I see it has the feature for "Chroma key/green screen effect for the basic.  Plus thelogocreator never did say how many HD still images came with the package. That's about all the other questions I can think of to ask you now about this subject. Thanks again for sharing your expertise. You seem to be the only one on allexperts that has this much knowledge & experience about how this Hollywood Cinematography actually works. Which makes sense because even today there are closely guarded Trade Secrets The Big Production Studios want to seek for themselves just like The Master Magicians of David Copperfield & Criss Angel want to keep their Grand illusions of Theatre Stage effects a mystery.


I'll see if I can answer some of these questions

"Are they talking about lights I should have on the green screen in front of the camera or behind the green screen and me?"

They just want to make sure there is enough light on you and the green screen. That's all. No lights necessary behind the screen as it's just a background that you'll remove later on through editing.

"What kind of lights should I have to illuminate the green screen background?"

I picked up a great led lighting box which I can attach to a tripod that works pretty well on Amazon when I picked up the green screen etc. You can try to start with just house hold lamps without shades and see how that does. Very important to make sure the green screen has been ironed out with no wrinkles. Makes it easier to edit later on.

"I'm assuming instead of buying this software I could just find all the 1186x667 still images I want with a specific search on and just use Sony movie studio 13 basic software to do it."

You don't need to pick up the logo creator software. I provided the link so you could have access to the videos for green screen production if you wanted them. The video creator is the brother in law to the person who created Logo Creator which is why I believe he uses the Logo Creator site for marketing and merchant processing.

Just be careful with images you pick up from Google if you plan to use them in any type of business endeavor. There are strict copyright | licensing guidelines. The penalties from individuals and companies can run into thousands of dollars along with having to pull the video then cease and desist from using the image in the future.

Sony 13 provides the least expensive solution to the green screen challenge and chroma key solution.

Since I didn't write the Wikihow article I'm unable to provide any assistance in that regard.

Good luck

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