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Hello Danna,
I created a Domain Name and registered it last year. I want to offer it up for sale now, but do not have enough knowledge about the best way to go about this.  I assert no egotism when I say that it is quite a brilliant name that is not product-specific; although it can be considered Internet-specific. It could be utilized for most any type of company that does their business via the Internet.  What would be the best method/route for the most exposure to insure that it reaches the audience who would pay the most amount of money for it?  I thank you, Danna; for any assistance and suggestions you can offer to put me in the right direction.


You actually have a few options. One is to create a blog page and "point" the domain name to it and blog about how it is for sale. Feeding the tags with keywords about your domain and writing filling it with content about why it is an awesome name, how it could be used and types of people that would benefit from it.
It would also help sell it to have matching social sites to it, such as twitter, facebook business page and pinterest. You could include the transfer of those names to the new owner of the domain would be a PERK.  
Getting started with a free account at OR you could host it yourself creating a wordpress blog which can be a bit more of a learning expereince if not familiar with wordpress but know the option is there. Blogger is easier and faster to set-up.

Another option is to list it on eBay at a high price and include make-an-offer just to see what kind of a response you get.

Depending on where you bought the domain, check with the company and see if they offer a landing page with domains for sale. I know godaddy offers that but not sure about all the details.

Hope that helps!
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Let me know how its going!

All the best to your domain name selling success,
Danna :-)

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