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Hi Olatunji. Do you know how I can encode my videos into a streamable file format so my videos will upload faster on youtube? This is what youtube tells me on the screen as my 1 to 3 minute video takes at least an hour to upload. They give me a link for a tutorial on how to change this but it doesn't relate to my situation since the software they're mentioning wasn't involved in the creation of my motion pictures. I'm using a Sony handycam to record the footage and then converting the file extension to a MP4 using Format Factory so I can see the playback as I'm editing it in Windows movie maker.

Thanks for the request and sorry for late response,
I did like to say the issue might be that your internet connection might be slow.
You can also look into formatting your videos into AVI or FLV as they take little
size to encrypt video formats from original code.
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