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QUESTION: Hi Justin. Do you know how I can encode my videos into a streamable file format so my videos will upload faster on youtube? This is what youtube tells me on the screen as my 1 to 3 minute video takes at least an hour to upload. They give me a link for a tutorial on how to change this but it doesn't relate to my situation since the software they're mentioning wasn't involved in the creation of my motion pictures. I'm using a Sony handycam to record the footage and then converting the file extension to a MP4 using Format Factory so I can see the playback as I'm editing it in Windows movie maker.

ANSWER: What is the upload speed on your Internet connection?  With this length of video it should not be taking that long.  Also, it may be something with the web browser you are using.  Try Chrome browser without any extensions enabled.

I hope this helps!


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QUESTION: Thanks for your reply back Justin.

My internet connection says it 54 Mbps.

I am using the google chrome browser to access youtube before I upload my videos.

How do if my google chrome browser doesn't have any extensions enabled to it?

Have you tested your Internet connection to ensure you are getting the 54Mbps?  I use

You can click on the top right of Chrome browser.  There is a button with three horizontal lines, then towards the bottom of the list is Settings.  Click on it, then click on Extensions.  Disable all that are there to see if it improves your upload time.


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