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I am planning to start online store with shopify
My questions:
1.can I use shopping cart module with shopify or
Shopify  itself is shopping module
2.How can I drive other customers that I am sure they are  buying form powerful platforms(in other words reaching subscribers database)
3. What is best way to start


Thank you for your question. I have looked around and did some research. In regards to your first question.

Shopify is an Ecommerce Software, what they are providing is a easy template for a online store. This would be similar to Wordpress where they supply the website, templates and domain (all according to the price you wish to spend). So yes, Shopify itself is the shopping module.

Your second question, I assume, is talking about attracting customers. This can be done through numerous methods. This Shopify store is like a website, therefore you would use the tools and techniques you would use for any other type of website. Social Media marketing, SEO, Advertising, Word of Mouth etc.

The best way to start is to have an outlook or plan. Have all your information and products ready so that when you register with Shopify you can upload all the content and data and get started straight away on building your customer base. Preparation is key!
Hopefully this helps and that I answered your questions sufficiently. If you have any further questions then definitely ask away.

Have a fantastic day!

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